Maka Boy Media

The digital media branch of Maka Boy Services, we use the established name: Maka Boy Media Productions

MBMP is the productions that we at Maka Boy Services use to credit videos produced by us. Any slideshow/video production made for clients will be credited to MBMP.

YouTube Channel:


HJARBLAN is the blog personified into video form. Random videos, vlogs and tutorials are found there to support the website.

Guideline Hawaii

Guideline Hawaii is a website managed by Maka Boy Services. On the Guideline Hawaii website, you will find information on visiting local attractions and businesses. Maka Boy Media Productions produces first person video tours of the Big Island to promote on the website.

The Exploding Podcast

Connecting voices from all around the world, here at the Exploding Podcast you will find a mixed variety of information such as entertainment, technology and media news. On top of informative material, we also discuss reactions and provide background details on certain subjects.